Student Stories Content Hub

The Student Stories Content Hub was initiated by Adam Brown and Emily Wade to collect a series of videos by past and present Deakin students to motivate and inspire future cohorts who study practical social media units. Undergraduate and postgraduate students and graduates were invited to create 6 short videos on themes including student motivation, moving outside one’s comfort zone, learning with social media, publicly developing a portfolio, and building a personal-professional brand to enhance one’s employability. The raw footage has been created in a way that makes it adaptable to edited YouTube compilations, short Twitter and Instagram videos, and can be cropped for vertical micro videos on TikTok, Reels, and other platforms.


At the end of the project reporting period, a total of 102 videos have been processed and the project is ongoing. This content can be integrated into various learning resources for units such as ALM101 Making Social Media, ALM102 Making Video, ALM201 Gamified Media, ALC708 Social Media Content Creation, ALC701 Social Media Collaboration, and ALC302 Digital Media Entrepreneurship. This ongoing project promises to benefit students (and teachers) for months and years to come and has underlined the importance of the emerging ‘students as partners’ framework at Deakin University.

Created resources 

The videos released under Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) licenses are available on the Student Stories Content Hub YouTube channel.  Further details of the project can be found on the Student Stories Content Hub website. Special thanks to undergraduate student Brandi Jefferson for her work on the project as a content creator and video editor. Our gratitude is, of course, also owed to the many undergraduate and postgraduate students who generously contributed their stories, insights, and advice, reminding the project team – and undoubtedly anyone who views their videos – of the unparalleled power of student voices.

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Image Credit: AQVIEWS on Unsplash