Interactive building tour for construction management

This project is envisaged as the replacement of physical visits of buildings that are required by several units. At present, there is a group project-based assignment that requires students to visit the services (i.e. plant rooms, substations, pumprooms, etc.) in real buildings.  Due to COVID, OH&S and Security restrictions, the likelihood and permission for buildings managers to provide this service is becoming increasingly more difficult and may remain so for some time, particularly for the offshore international students. The grant provides for the student lead, filming and editing of at one Deakin University campus building, chosen on the availability of both access and existing 2D and 3D structural diagrams. This will allow for the process to be completed and documented as a precedent for other future building selections. Being an Interactive Virtual tour of a structure, the final material will be of significant value to a range of first-year students and units beyond those strategically targeted. 

Progress to date

After two rounds of filming, now we are in the middle of editing and labelling. After editing and labelling the service components, we also plan to add narration to explain the features of these services, towards a complete and comprehensive virtual tour. The project has been conducted in cooperation with Deakin eLearning Services and the Property Services group. A sessional staff (Mehdi) and a PhD student (Alan) are involved in the filming and editing. Our AHoS and course director, Glenn Costin and Nateque Mahmood, also provided support to this grant. 

Image Credit: Matthew Henry on Unsplash