About the program

The Open Educational Resources Grant Program is part of Deakin's 2021 Inclusive digital education program. The focus of the OER section of the project was to support staff in developing their capacity to use OER principles and practices in units and courses. The grant program enabled OER to be investigated, adapted, created and incorporated into units, building capacity in staff as they use and create resources. 

What are Open Educational Resources?

Open Educational Resources (OER) are educational materials made available for use and adaption under an open sharing licence (eg. Creative Commons) or that are free from copyright restrictions (i.e. the public domain).

OERs come in many formats and include textbooks, quizzes, simulations, images, videos, games, lesson plans, worksheets and assessments.

Open educational practices use these resources for teaching and learning. Because OER can be reused, adapted and restributed, they enable pedagogical practices for collaboration and co-creation. They can also be shared with the wider community. 

This program aimed to increase awareness of OER OER at Deakin and develop staff capabilities. Through training and discussion, participants were able to explore and create OER. 



The program

In June 2021 the call for applications was issued, seeking creative and innovative project ideas from staff at Deakin interested in using OER in their teaching or creating OER for their discipline. An information session was conducted during the application period, and interest was high. Submissions were received from across the disciplines with diverse content types. 

By June, the final 11 projects had been accepted comprising a mix of individual and team projects that were representative of all Faculties. The accepted OER projects were from across the Faculties. They included individual and team projects, with representation across all the faculties, and a mix of both discovery and usage projects and resource creation ideas. The program kicked off with a training session about OER basics, copyright, licencing and the 5 Rs of OER - Retain, Reuse, Revise, Remix, Redistribute.

Resources created to support the teams include:

  • A project plan
  • Resource mapping document (available below)
  • A resource searching record

In conjunction with the grant program, a Community of Practice was established for the remainder of 2021 to support the grant recipients in their work.