An introduction to Strategic Human Resource Management

Linking typical HR strategies such as job design recruitment human resource development performance management rewards another typical tasks to the organisational strategy is crucial.

The lack of practical resources such as videos and real life case studies makes it difficult for students enrolled in HR subjects to fully understand both the importance and process is of strategic human resource management.

The video resources developed will help to provide a user friendly guide to students and those interested in the field of HR as well as current HR practitioners.

Interviews with HR professionals in the field located in Melbourne, Victoria will provide examples from within their own organisation of how strategic human resource management is implemented.

In the coming year further resources such as articles, podcasts and case studies will be included to help build a database of practical information.


Much of the content related to strategic human resource management both in text and video resources are related to predominantly the United States of America and other countries with little relevance to the Australian context.

The end result of this project will be information about the topic from an Australian perspective, something that is currently not in existence or easily accessed for most taking university students and the general public.

Image Credit: LinkedIn Sales Solutions on Unsplash