OER textbook: An introduction to the assessment potentials in play-based approaches


The OER textbook has been shaped from the generative power of three interconnected aspects. Firstly, the research and practice of academics in the School of Education and NIKERI at Deakin University. Another inspiration for this text was an Australian professional learning program designed to develop and strengthen teachers’ understanding of the role of play in children learning. The final stimulus for the creation of this work was underpinned by growing global concerns for teachers supporting children transitioning to school who have missed crucial preschool experiences that privilege social learning, learning through play and introductions to formal education due to the pandemic. 

Two kids play with toys Young boy plays with beans

Focus of the resource 

The resource seeks to write an assessment focused narrative that examines the benefits of play-based approaches through the lenses of theory, research, and practice. 

Essential Content in the textbook

Digital pedagogy and approach in the textbook 

The textbook as a digital resource uses text and interactive interventions such as H5P, video and audio to support readers to remain engaged in the text and reflect on their learning as they progress through the chapters. The editorial team that are developing the resource include six key contributors, Professor Andrea Nolan, Doctor Natalie Robertson, Naomi David, Kat Cain and Christian Bass. Another key editorial team member bringing digital design excellence to the learning design is Sarah Fennelly. With the different expertise this team brings together, the project goal is to deliver an Open Access interactive textbook in 2022 that brings new lens to play-based learning.